How do vouchers work?

Guide to using a voucher code

Voucher codes save you money on purchases. A voucher consists of letters and numbers, which you should copy when on Discount Express, and paste into the box provided on the checkout page when you are completing a purchase on a website such as

TIP: when clicking on a store logo, offer text or web link, you will be taken to the website of a merchant such as John Lewis. The action of clicking on a link will open a new tab in your browser, but the Discount Express website will remain open in your browser, if you need to go back and copy the voucher code again.

You won’t just find vouchers on the Discount Express website. All kinds of sales, offers discounts and promotions can be found on these pages, across a wide range of stores. Most of these deals can be accessed just by clicking on the link, and going to the store’s website. You will only need to copy and paste a code for vouchers, but the other deals and offers will not have a voucher code. Usually the discount will be indicated clearly on the merchant’s website, but sometimes the deal on a specific product item may have expired or been withdrawn from sale. Discount Express cannot guarantee the availability of the offers and discounts that it lists – but we try to remove all expired items promptly or items which users have flagged as unavailable. Let us know if you find one of these!

Vouchers everywhere and anytime

The Discount Express site is optimised for all viewing on all devices, including desktops, tablets and mobiles. The action of copying and applying the voucher code should work, no matter what device you use to access it, or on which device you complete your purchases.

Discounts and deals as well

There may be a range of ways to get money off, even for the same merchant. Discount Express advises that you check the vouchers and deals on offer and calculate which one will give you the greatest savings, especially if you are buying multiple items in a single purchase. For example, for a small single purchase, £5 off would be a good deal, but if spending more than £50, then a 10% off voucher code will give you a greater saving.

Applying voucher codes to a purchase

Below is an example of the process. We have used as an example, but the process is broadly similar for all the merchants on the Discount Express site. Note that some stores use different language on their checkout pages: for example ‘voucher code’, or ‘coupon code’, or ‘promo code’, etc.

Step One – get voucher code

Browse the Discount Express site, using the search feature, or within a specific merchant page. Find the code you want to use, that offers the largest potential saving. Click on the blue ‘Get Voucher’ button, next to the voucher code description.
A box will appear over the top of the screen – with the offer repeated, and a button that allows you to copy the voucher code to your computer, tablet or phone clipboard. Move on to step 2.

Click on the 'Get Voucher' button


Step Two – go to merchant site

When you click the ‘copy code’ button, two things happen. The button changes to ‘Code Copied’ which is an indication that the voucher code has been saved to your computer, tablet or phone clipboard. The code will also be highlighted with a blue background, in case you need to manually copy the code (but this should be unnecessary).
Next you need to click on thee ‘Apply Code’ button, to go to the store and complete your purchase.

Click on the 'Copy Code' button, and then 'Apply Code'


Step Three – Go to the store’s website

The voucher code is now copied to your clipboard and the merchant site should be open in a separate browser tab. If your clipboard gets ‘wiped’ for any reason, then the code will remain highlighted on the Discount Express web page that remains open in its original browser tab.
Browse the merchant site, adding products to your basket until you are ready to purchase.

Step Four – check terms and conditions of voucher

Before completing the purchase, you should check the full terms and conditions for the specific voucher. Check that the product items you selected are covered by the voucher, and that the voucher dates are valid. Unfortunately Discount Express can take no responsibility for vouchers incorrectly applied, or any failure to get the voucher discount applied to your basket value. Discount Express can also take no responsibility for vouchers that do not work correctly, or which have expired. Please check our terms and conditions page for full details, but also check the full terms and conditions on the merchant’s website, which may have more detail about your specific purchases.

Step Five – go to checkout and apply the code

Different sites use a range of terminology to indicate the place to enter your voucher code. The example below from asks for a ‘coupon code’, but other sites will variously ask for a ‘voucher code’ and ‘promo code’ or ‘discount code’. This box is typically located on the checkout page, but you may also get a chance to add a code on the subsequent ‘order review’ screen. But do check you have applied the code, and that the amount has been taken off your purchase, before you complete the transaction, as you will not be able to apply this once the purchase is completed.
Once you click ‘apply’, you should see the discount taken off your order value. If the code is not valid, then you will usually receive a warning at this point. Discount Express has no control over the validity of vouchers featured on our site, so please refer to the merchant in the event of an issue.

Apply the 'coupon code', voucher or discount code


Step Six – complete the transaction

If the process has worked correctly (and Discount Express can take no responsibility if it has not, worked for any reason), you should see that the discount has been taken from the final amount of your purchase. Check that the amount is deducted in your order summary before completing the purchase – and that the amount is of the anticipated value. Typically sites will not accept more than one promotional code per purchase. Some vouchers may be limited to one purchase per user for the duration of the sale. Vouchers may not be applicable across the full range of products on sale on a given site, and may not apply to specific products. Most merchants will also not honour vouchers on items that are already reduced on the site – for example, you may not be achieve to use a voucher to gain a ‘double discount’ on sale items. Please check terms and conditions before you purchase. Once your code has been entered, you can complete the checkout process as you would normally.


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